HostBandit $1 Web Hosting

HostBandit’s $1 Web Hosting Servers, Network, and Datacenter:

Our servers are located on the main western Internet hub in Los Angeles, California and are Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 with 8M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB and plenty of RAM with daily backups. Our data center is shared by the largest companies in the world so we can directly connect to most of the major Internet provider in the world. The data center is guarded by 24/7 security guards and has biometric scan entrance locks to prevent unauthorized entrance. The facility has world-class power backup, cooling, and network connectivity. Our network is fully redundant and self healing using BGP best-path routing, with multi-ten Gigabit connectivity to the Savvis, Cogent, Level(3), and BTN networks. HostBandit connects directly with large and small ISP’s around the globe including Japan telecom, Singtel, China telecom, China Unicom, Nordunet, PacNet, Etisalat, Hutchison, google, Amazon over 200 in total. Just ping to see how fast we are.

HostBandit is here to provide world class $1 web hosting and to make your life easier in the process. Over the past 20+ years HostBandit has provided web hosting for hundreds of customers with almost no downtime (greater than 99.99% uptime) and very fast servers. We now provide unlimited $1 web hosting with the Installatron easy script installer for just $1/month.

HostBandit makes the whole process easy because we know you just want to order HostBandit web hosting then get back to your life.

To read more about HostBandit's $1 web hosting visit on the Internet.

Three easy steps to get $1 web hosting at HostBandit:

1. Visit to get $1 web hosting.
2. Click on the order button and create your $1 hosting PayPal subscription.
3. Log into our super fast and secure $1 web hosting control panel and use Installatron to select which script you want to install (probably WordPress) or do it by hand (requires knowing nerdy stuff.)

ORDERING HostBandit's $1 Web Hosting
When you want to order $1 web hosting from HostBandit just create a HostBandit $1 web hosting subscription using the PayPal button on the order page.

When you want to cancel just log into PayPal and cancel the HostBandit subscription.

When you want support just email HostBandit or open a ticket inside our $1 web hosting control panel.

What could be easier than that? Click here to order HostBandit 's $1 web hosting:

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